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Need Patches For Your Treatment?
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Individual programs, designed to help every little person’s specific needs (3)
Donate $1.00 to the Save Our Sight Fund (3)
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What is the Registry?

The Ohio Amblyope Registry is the first and only statewide program in the United States designed to serve the needs of children with amblyopia, commonly known as lazy eye, their families and eye doctors. It is a voluntary registration program to increase knowledge about amblyopia, its treatment and prevention. The Ohio Amblyope Registry provides free eye patches for the treatment of amblyopia, free literature about amblyopia and causes, as well as other important services to help families of children with amblyopia. All services provided by the registry are free of charge and restricted to Ohio residents.

The Ohio Amblyope Registry is part of the Save Our Sight program, that receives voluntary contributions from the check-off donation box on Ohio license plate renewal forms.

The Ohio Amblyope Registry is a partnership among Ohio’s eye care professionals and the leading Children’s Hospitals across the state of Ohio.

The Save Our Sight Fund is administered by the Ohio Department of Health. The purpose of this program is to keep kids eyes healthy with prevention, screening, education and support. For more information visit Save Our Sight or download the Save Our Sight brochure.

Misconception of the term lazy-eye

Patching Stories

"We are so thankful that programs like this exists. We received our cute patches in the mail yesterday. Thank you!"

"I am so thankful for this program, thank you for the patches! My daughter likes the different colors!"

"Thank you so much. My son loves the patches and the fish poster for putting the used patches on. Thanks!"

"Even though my son still doesn’t like wearing the patches, we greatly appreciate this service! Thank you!"

"Thank you so much for this program. The fun patches and posters keep my daughter on track with her patching."

"Thank you for the nice package with the eye patches, poster and stickers. The patches have really helped my son’s sight and per his doc. we are to continue patching! So thank you! You guys are awesome!"

"Fantastic program! My daughter LOVES the colorful patches. They make the process more fun for her instead of a fight to do it. We have not been to her follow up appointment to see the progress, but we are confident they are working! Thank you again!"

"Thank you for the eye patches. I haven’t found any in the stores where we live. My 6 year old loves the designs. I haven’t received any new newsletter other than the one in the packet from July but it was helpful. I have been encouraging all my friends, family and coworkers to donate to Save our Sight when they renew their license plates. Thank you again for all that you do."

"Thank you again from our whole family."

"Keep up the amazing work!"

"Thank you so much for the eye patches and services! We are very grateful!"

"I wanted to let you and your program know what a difference it has made already in my 6 year old daughter’s patching therapy. She LOVES the colorful patches! They make it fun for her and less of a fight for us. When she is done, she is excited to fill in the ‘scales’ of her fish poster. Her four year old sister, who has perfect eyesight, is somewhat jealous and wants to be a pirate, too!"

"The Amblyope Registry has made such a difference in many families lives and you two are such important part of this!!"

"Even though both my husband and I work full time, we do not have medical, dental, or vision insurance. Your program has taken a big load off our shoulders on correcting her vision. I hope that she doesn’t have to wear the patches too long, but with your help, it has been a great experience so far."

"Thank you for the free package we got at Children’s hospital yesterday. We start patches 3 hours a day on our 6 yr. old. The fishy and stickers are a great incentive to keep our son wearing those cute patches. Thank you. We are very grateful for the patch kit."

"Thank you so much for the patches and all the info on Amblyopia."

"Hi, my son is doing better. He doesn’t seem to mind patching as much. Our doctor said that it is helping the eye. We are thankful for the patches. :)"

"My daughter got her cloth patch today at the eye doctor. She is handling it very well…lil sweetie!"

"Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for helping us with patching for my 5 year old. After patching for over a year her vision is now finally equal and she will no longer have to patch. She is so happy! Thank you so much for your organization."

"Thank you for the eye patches. It will be great to have a place to share info with other parents dealing with similar issues!"

"Thanks so much for the eye patches. I am so grateful! God Bless."

"I wanted to thank you for the patches and the brochures with so much information that I received today. It is greatly appreciated!"

"Thank you for your awesome program! My daughter really enjoys the fun stickers to decorate her patch!"

"We just received the first box of patches & literature from you for our 3 yr old daughter. She was SO excited to see the colored patches AND that there were stickers to decorate them. =) Thank you so much!!"

"Thank you for all your past help! My daughter’s sight is successfully being restored. I am going to give a speech in college about how wonderful your organization is and try to make sure everyone gives their dollar!!"

"Patching really works. I’ve been patching my 1 year old’s right eye for 4 months and we went to the eye clinic today at Nationwide Childrens and BOOM its gotten so much better! Now we don’t have to discuss surgery. Thank you guys for all your help with patches and literature. It has really made a difference in my special needs child."

"My son has been patching for 5 years now. He started patching for 8 hours a day, and he is down to 2 hours a day."

"My 5 year old son was just diagnosed with Amblyopia today. Thank you so much for providing the cool patches. He was very excited to go home an decorate his first patch and hang up the posted."

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